Doctor of Philosophy Program and Computer and Electrical Engineering (International Program)


The Ph.D. program is a joint Ph.D. program among 4 engineering departments within the Faculty of Engineering: Computer Engineering Department, Electrical Engineering Department, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering Department, and Department of Control System and Instrumentation Engineering Department. Student can choose a research topic from various related fields to work on as a Ph.D. Dissertation. The program faculty consists of lecturers and professors with years of research and teaching experiences from the four departments. The aim of this collaboration is to strengthen the program with faculty members who are specialists in their own fields. Moreover, all courses are taught in English. Maintaining the quality of the program at international standard is the top priority of the departments involved. Students in the program often spend 6-12 months conducting research at an overseas collaborated institution. This opportunity also provides an invaluable learning experience for the students Currently, many Ph.D. candidates of the program are placed at various research laboratories in high-ranking institutions around the world such as the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Ph.D. Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering requires 3 years of study for graduated students with Master degree and 4 years for those with Bachelor degree. In case that students choose a joint program with foreign universities/institutions, they have to follow the rule or regulation of the MOU agreement between the two universities/institutions. The duration of study might be taken longer than the stated period.


  • Plan 1.1 (for student with Master degree)
    • 48 dissertation credits with no credit course work
    • Two required courses must be taken as S/U courses
  • Plan 2.1 (for student with Master degree)
    • 6 compulsory credits (3 courses)
    • 6 elective credits (2 courses)
    • 36 dissertation credits
  • Plan 2.2 (for student with Bachelor degree)
    • 6 compulsory credits (3 courses)
    • 21 elective credits (7 courses)
    • 48 dissertation credits
  • Remark : Students may be required to enroll additional courses as their academic advisor and/or their admission program committee do recommend.


  • Tuition fee is about 28,000 Baht per semester
  • Credit fee is about 2,000 per credit
  • Total credits required is 48 credits